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Product Specifications

CFP-EVAL: CFP Evaluation Board

The CFP-EVAL 40/100G CFP MSA evaluation board provides a convenient method of testing and programming 40/100G CFP modules. There are 10 high speed input (Tx) pairs and 10 high speed output (Rx) pairs which utilize 18 GHz SMP edge mounted connectors to interface with external test equipment. The user friendly GUI runs on a Windows platform and communicates via a USB interface to the evaluation board. The GUI provides access to all MDIO control and status registers. The CFP-EVAL is powered from a single +3.3V supply and includes a 5 bit manually adjustable register for changing the port address bits. Additionally, there are 5 LEDs on the card which show the status for HIPWR_ON (ALRM1), MOD_READY (ALRM2), MOD_FAULT (ALRM3), GLB_ALRMn, and Rx_LOS.