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Triple Play Communications

Fiber Optic and Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing


Company Overview

Triple Play Communications (TPC) designs and manufactures custom products targeting innovative optical and electronic technology applications.  We provide a full range of engineering design capability specializing in optical products and also including high speed RF, digital, mechanical, firmware, and software expertise. We are an ITAR registered, U.S. domestic manufacturer and perform high-mix, low-volume manufacturing on-site utilizing our high speed electrical and optical test equipment as well as our large environmental chambers for environmental qualification and production testing. In cases when higher volume manufacturing is required, we have transitioned our designs to high volume manufacturing lines in low cost regions such as Asia.

TPC’s product design and manufacturing capability is extremely flexible allowing for both small design projects and full turnkey product developments.  In a full turnkey project, TPC is responsible for the entire development task, beginning with creation of requirements documents and continuing through qualification and production testing of the final hardware and software.  Our  team utilizes experience from the defense communications industry as well as fiber optic module and chassis developments to design and qualify product solutions meeting each customer’s unique needs.

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