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Product Specifications

CS-2100: 12 Channel CXP to SFP+ CDR/Media Converter/Switch

The CS-2100 chassis provides CDR and non-blocking crosspoint switch functionality for a 12 channel CXP module and 12 SFP+ ports.  This chassis can accept any MSA compliant CXP module and twelve SFP or SFP+ modules that operate over a data rate range from 1.25 Gb/s to 12.5 Gb/s.   Each of the 24 CDR’s can be programmed to any rate within that range and, if desired, their internal lock detect function can be used to automatically search through a list of preset rates to find the appropriate rate for each port.   Additionally, the physical layer crosspoint switch feature allows any of the 12 CXP inputs to be routed to any number of  SFP/SFP+ outputs from zero to all 12.  Similarly, any SFP/SFP+ input can be routed to any number of CXP outputs, from zero to all 12.  There are also 24 internal PRBS pattern generators which can be enabled and used for any desired port.  This allows for convenient testing of a variety of optical components.

This 1U 19” rack mountable chassis is powered from a universal AC to DC converter and runs a highly secure and stable Linux Operating System (OS) on an ARM processor.  User control and status is provided by a 10/100BaseT Ethernet communications interface which allows either Static or Dynamic IP addressing.  A standard HTML browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) provides the graphical user interface (GUI) and the various control and status HTML pages are integrated into the chassis’ software.  The embedded GUI screens are formatted to also be easily viewed on any iPhone or Android mobile device, both of which can provide the full user.  As an alternative method of control, a USB GUI is available so the chassis can be connected to a Windows based computer running the GUI software.

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CS-2100 Block Diagram

 CS-2100 Block Diagram