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Fiber Optic and Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing


High Speed RF Design and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout

The TPC engineering team has a long history (more than 100 combined years of experience) in the design and layout of custom PCBs with signal rates from 10 Mb/s up to 40 Gb/s. These PCBs can have 4 to 14 layers with multiple power and ground planes as well as multiple high speed RF signal layers. TPC has experience with rigid, flex, and rigid-flex boards in a variety of shapes and sizes from as small as 0.5" x 0.5" up to 14" x 16". We are experienced with fine pitch BGAs, flip chip, and wire bond glop top technologies. We have developed PCBs using a variety of materials such as FR4, Nelco N4000, Arlon, Rodgers, and ceramic substrates. We utilize PCB layout tools from Mentor Graphics (PADS) and also provide 3D EM modeling of RF traces, PCB to connector transitions, wire bond and component transitions, using a full suite of finite element modeling tools to create signal integrity models for complex EM structures such as differential coplanar waveguides.