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C band filter with Ethernet, SNMP, and USB control/status interface

The TF-1000 is a tunable optical filter designed as a small, portable, cost-effective solution for use in R&D as well as production test applications. This band pass filter operates in either the C (1525 to 1565 nm) or L (1565 to 1610 nm) band and allows the center frequency to be set with a ±4 GHz (32 pm) accuracy.


The standard TF-1000 is USB powered (<390 mA max) and connects directly to a Windows based computer which runs the graphical user interface (GUI) software. The GUI provides complete control and status of all wavelength tuning and optical power monitoring functions. The internal optical filter latches the wavelength setting and is able to maintain its filter characteristics at the last commanded location even when the TF-1000 is completely unpowered (no USB or DC power connection).

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